February 6, 2019 – Competition

A. Handstand Play Time Spend 10 Minutes working on handstands. If you feel confident with handstands then explore new ways to challenge yourself. Stairs/ramp, weave through cones, walk sideways, or walk backwards. B. Two sets of: 50-Foot Handstand Walk 4 Rope Climbs 50-Foot Handstand Walk Rest 3 minutes C. Every minute, on the minute, for … Read more

February 5, 2019 – Competition

Mobility and Activation One set of:Twisted Cross Stretch x 60 seconds per side Followed by… Overhead Barbell Underarm Stretch x 30 seconds regular grip/30 seconds narrow grip Followed by… Two sets of:Med Ball Hamstring Curls x 5 reps Hip Extensions (unweighted) x 10 reps Band Pull-Aparts (overhead) x 15 reps (light band) A. Every 3 … Read more