February 27, 2019 – Competition

Empty Barbell Movement Primer
Three sets of:
Overhead Squat x 5 reps
(use a progressively narrower grip for every set)
Rest as needed

Followed by…

Two sets of:
Front squat x 5 reps @ 2210
Rest as needed

Followed by…

Two sets of:
1+1/4 Front Squat x 5 reps
Rest as needed

Five sets of:
Narrow-Grip Overhead Squat x 3 reps @ 3311
Rest 2 minutes between sets

The goal is to set your hands in your jerk-grip position or even narrower, slowly descend and hold the bottom position for 3 full seconds – the priority should be on mobility and movement mechanics, not load used.

Every two minutes, for 12 minutes (6 sets) of:
2 Power Jerks + 2 Split Jerks
(pause for 2 seconds in receiving of both split jerks)

Goal is to use the same weight as last week.

Two sets of:
50-Foot Overhead Carry
*Keep your elbows locked out throughout the movement, with absolutely NO shrugging. Shoulders have to be locked down in position while walking.
Rest 2-3 minutes
100-Foot Hand-Over-Hand Rope Pulls
Rest 2-3 minutes

Ideally this should be performed with a yoke but if you do not have access to a yoke use a barbell loaded with chains or kettlebells attached using bands. BE SAFE! If you do not have access to a 100-Foot Rope then perfrom 2 legless rope climbs from a seated position

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
20 Wall Ball Shots (30/20 lbs)
10 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks (55/35 lb DBs)

When the running clock reaches 12:00…

Every 3 minutes, for 12 minutes (4 sets):
20 Alternating Reverse Lunges with Kettlebell Farmer’s Hold (32/24 kg)
300/250 Meter Row

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