June 13, 2018 – Competition

If you are planning to participate in the 2018 Granite Games Championship, please be sure to register here. Please prioritize the qualifier workouts this weekend. We will be posting them on Friday and Saturday, and if your goal is to qualify we would ask that you make those the focal point of your weekend training and supplement around them.

Four sets of:
Pause Front Squat @ 24X1 + 2 Front Squats
Rest 2 minutes

Goal is to match or improve on the four heaviest loads used last Monday.

Finding your results in the blog comments is easy, just click on your name and it will pull up any of your previous entries.

Every two minutes, for 16 minutes (8 sets):
Push Press + Split Jerk
(Pause for 3-4 seconds in the split jerk receiving position before recovering.)
Rest 2 minutes

Build over the course of the 8 sets.

Every 10 minutes, for 40 minutes (4 sets) for times:
400 Meter Run
10 Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)
15 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
20 Wall Ball Shots (30/20 lbs)
25/18 Calorie Assault Bike

Please note times for all four sets. Also note any learning that occurred or observations as to where you started to drop off – either physically or mentally.

Three sets of:
Dumbbell Skull Crushers x 10-12 reps @ 20X1
Rest 30 seconds
Banded Overhead Triceps Extensions x 30 reps @ 20X0
Rest 90 seconds

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